"One Piece", "Aquarion Evol" Perfumes Offered in Japan

Can you imagine the smell of Luffy?

Cozy Wave, an international fashion and beauty supplier based in Tokyo, has been known for its anime-themed fashion goods. They recently launched a new brand "NESCRE" collaborating with Bandai's official online store Premium Bandai. The store has started offering their first products of the brand, "Perfume of ONE PIECE" and "Perfume of AQUARION EVOL" today. The perfumes represent an image of the characters of the two popular anime series. The lineup for this month are Luffy, Hancock, Ace from One Piece, and Amata, Mikono, Zessica, Shrade from Aquarion Evol. The price for each perfume at the store is 3,000 yen (approximately US$37.70). They will also release the One Piece perfumes featuring Zoro, Mihawk, Sanji, Robin and Nami next month. Whose perfume do you want to try?



"Perfume of ONE PIECE" ver. Luffy


"Perfume of ONE PIECE" ver. Hancock


"Perfume of ONE PIECE" ver. Ace


"Perfume of AQUARION EVOL" ver. Amata 


"Perfume of AQUARION EVOL" ver. Mikono


Source: Press Release


© Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Fuji TV/Toei Animation



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