Square Enix Is Counting Down to…?

New website by Square Enix has a dark image and a time countdown...and a few clues.

A new website on the Japanese Square Enix site is counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until…something. Most likely an announcement for a new game, but we can't even be sure of that.



The only details on the site are the countdown to midnight of Monday the 27th (Japan time), a shadowy background, credits for character designers Tetsuya Nomura and Gen Kobayashi and a url name of "subaseka." That and a BGM which is a remix of the tune, "Calling." We at Crunchyroll also found a cleaner view of the background image.


Website Siliconera put these all together to speculate that this is leading up to an announcement regarding the game The World Ends with You. They note that last April, one of the credited designers, Nomura, was cagey about new The World Ends With You work in Nintendo Dream magazine stating, "There might be something [coming]." He also gave hints in Famitsu Magazine almost a year ago.


Finally, the "Calling" is a major theme in The World Ends With You, and the url name is a standard Japanese way of shortening the Japanese name, "Subarashii Kono Sekai" to "Suba-seka."


All in all, it seems to point to something exciting for The World Ends With You fans!


In case you didn't click on it above, here's the link to the countdown website:



Are you going to be watching when the countdown hits zero?


Source: Otakomu
Source: Siliconera

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