VIDEO: 3DCG Mikudayo-san Parody CM Makes Viewers Shudder!

Parody of Family Mart's Hatsune Miku campaign CMs

Japan's convenience store chain Family Mart has been holding "Hatsune Miku 5th Anniversary: Miku Loves FamiMa" campaign since August 14. The have posted several television commercials starring 3DCG Hatsune Miku herself. Only a week later, a Japanese creator named "zozi" also posted a parody video of the CM featuring 3DCG Mikudayo-san, the character suit version of Nendoroid Miku. Watch the originals (if you haven't), and the creepy parody!


Mikudayo-san version by zozi

Family Mart's original CM


NG cut.1 (original)


NG cut. 2 (original)


Source: Hatsune Mikumiku

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