Nintendo Power to Cease Publication After 24 Years

Currently unclear how much longer the classic magazine will run

Last November saw the shuttering of GamePro magazine, and now another long-running staple of gaming in print is coming to an end, with Nintendo Power ceasing publication after a 24-year run.


Nintendo Power kicked off in 1988 with the legendary claymation Super Mario Bros. 2 cover, pictured below, and was majorly coveted by kids of the time with its free posters and hyperbolic Nintendo game promotions. How many kids would have bothered to pick up Dragon Warrior if not for the offer of a free copy with a year's subscription to Nintendo Power



How many kids would have sent letters like these...



... or seen weird drawings of dudes like the ones that graced the Player's Forum?



Nintendo moved on from producing and distributing the magazine themselves in 2007, when Future Publishing took over, and now that era is coming to an end with Future's plans to stop publishing the magazine. According to ars technica's source, Nintendo was "difficult to work with" and was uninterested in renewing the contract or taking part in digital initiatives that Future saw as essential to keeping the Nintendo Power brand alive. 


The most recent issue of Nintendo Power is the August issue, which marks its 281st. It's currently unclear how many more issues will hit stands, but editors and staff were notified of the closing last week, and are in the process of being transferred to other Future brands such as GamesRadar and MacLife magazine.


While the end of this era is certainly a sad one, let's remember the magazine through some of the greatest Nintendo Power covers of all time: 




Here I am right now enjoying an issue HOT OFF THE PRESSES:


Clearly I'm a bit biased toward the live-action and claymation covers. What are some of your favorite Nintendo Power memories?



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