VIDEO: PV and Debut Schedule Set for "Ebiten" Anime

"Ebiten" starts on Tokyo MX and spreads to networks Japan-wide.

Ebiten, officially titled Kouritsu Ebuisugawa Koukou Tenmonbu (Ebisugawa Public High School Astronomical(?) Club), will make its debut on the Tokyo MX channel on October 3rd in the late night spot of 1:00 AM.



The comedy about the quirky female characters who make up the Ebisugawa HS Astronomy Club was described in more detail by Crunchyroll News last February.



Aside from the schedule, they also released a new PV today. Here it is!



The debut schedule gets a little more complicated when it comes to other channels and regions.


TV-Tama, 10/7, Sunday, 0:30 AM
TVK, 10/7, Sunday, 0:30 AM
BS11, 10/5, Friday, 3:00 AM
(Stations that have not yet made their schedules public: Chiba TV, Gifu-Chan, Mie TV Housou, Sun TV, TV Kyuushuu Housou, and AX-T.)



Looking forward to some Ebiten?


Source: Otakomu

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