Date for "Gundam Age" Finale Set

"Gundam Age" will wrap up with episode 49.

The Yaraon website found episode numbers, titles and short descriptions for the Kidou Senshi Gundam Age episodes that will air in September. It states clearly that the final episode will be Episode 49 that is scheduled to air on September 23rd.



Below the image is a translation of the episode titles and descriptions.

Spoiler Alert -- although, like TV Guide-style entries, the descriptions are cagey, there may be a certain degree of plot spoilage. Click away from this page if you don't want any info.



(Note, English spellings are estimates and may not match official spellings)

Space Fortress, La Gramis
The Vagans carry out large-scale invasion plans using the Second Moon of the Vagans', La Gramis. The Federation, knowing they must put a stop to those plans, mounts an operation to capture La Gramis. We follow both sides as the soldiers ready themselves for the final battle. What does the future hold in store for this ultimate battle?


Life Scattered on the Blue Planet
Within the pitched battle for La Gramis, Kio finds he's fighting Deen, a Vagan he had previously befriended. For Kio, the attack by the X-Rounder-power-enhanced Deen is the worst enemy he could possibly face.


The Glitter of Despair
Zeheart knows that if the Dig-Magellan were to fire, it would kill many of his comrades, but steeling his heart, he gives the command to fire. Flit, having predicted the attack and the destruction of Diva works to save Gundam and the Diva's crew. If that attack fails, Zeheart will be driven from the Vagan forces, and what will Asemu do…?


End of a Long Journey (Final Episode)
The siege of the Space Fortress La Gramis grinds into its final stages, and despite the tremendous losses to both the Vagan and Federation sides, the atrocities of war only seem to be on the increase. As the long struggle reaches its end, can Flit, Asemu and Kio reach any kind of agreement with Ezelcant?



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Source: Yaraon

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