VIDEO: Get a Look at Live Action "Joshiraku"

Clip created to mark second volume of cult comedy series

Since it's a linguistic humor and cultural reference filled comedy about the back stage banter of traditional performers, it's not exactly surprising that the Joshiraku anime hasn't been licensed. Since its by Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei's Kouji Kumeta with art by Toradora! illustrator Yasu, it's not exactly surprisingly that it's found an audience never the less. 


Produced for the release of the manga's second volume, live action Joshiraku...



If you don't follow the anime, meet Marī Buratei (Bloody Mary), Kigurumi Harōkitei (Hello Kitty Costum), Tetora Bōhatei (Breakwater Tetrapod), Gankyō Kūrubiyūtei (Cold Bespectacle Beauty) and Kukuru Anrakutei (Euthenasia by Hanging). 


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