Pixiv Artists Take on the Failed Spanish Fresco Restoration

Japanese fan artists offer an irreverent take on current events

You can generally count of Japanese online art community Pixiv to offer an irreverent take on current affairs. Last week, the world was buzzing about the story of an elderly Spanish amateur who attempted to restore a century old fresco in the Spanish Santuario de la Misericordia Church in Borja and accidentally ruined the art in the process.


The internet had redubbed the fresco ‘Ecce Mono’, meaning ‘Behold the Monkey’ instead of ‘Behold Man.’

Lenny Bruce said “tragedy plus distance equals comedy," and look like Pixiv artists had enough distance.


via  瞬く - Repair Man!

via がおー@スクロールを上下してね versus Touhou Project 

via がちょん絵郎 versus Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


 via 沙山京右 - versus Change Man Ken

via 沙山京右

via交差点の熊 versu Doraemon


via 珠咲鈴 Cinderella Girls 


via YonosukeHayashi versus Railgun


via 子門モサド - versus Eureka 7 (seriously)


via センゴク(の)汝 versus Jiro Ueda

via 昼行灯 versus Naoto Kan


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