Evangelion Race Queens Invade Akihabara!

NERV sets up Eva-themed Eye Drops Survey in Tokyo Otaku Hot Spot

Those of you with really good memories might recall the Evangelion Eye Drop Campaign that we wrote about a few weeks back…


If not, no worries. Here’s the short version: seems that fictional organization NERV planned to set up a temporary investigation HQ deep inside of an Eva-decorated drugstore in Tokyo otaku fun spot Akihabara to survey folks about eye strain and fatigue and to promote Eva-branded Sante FX eye drops.


Well, the blessed event finally happened this weekend, and the Evangelion Team race queens were out in full force for a publicity generating photo op.




Yuuna Chiba as Asuka


Noa Mizutani as Rei


Mana Takatsuka as Mari



While the girls posed for picks with lucky lads based on a lottery, Takatsuka gave the quote of the year, with regards to eyedrops…, "These have a refreshing feel that hasn't been there up to now. They're not messing around."



And then, with newfound refreshment in their eyes, the girls scooted off, presumably to jump into their EVA units and fight some Angels…


Source: Mantan-web



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