VIDEO: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's 12 Working Costumes for New TV CMs

As waitress, cook, security guard, private teacher, and more!

Today on August 27, two new TV CMs for job hunting magazine "Weekly an" starring Harajuku girl supremo Kyary Pamyu Pamyu was released in Japan. In the new CMs, Kyary shows her 12 different working costumes including waitress, cook, pizza delivery, security guard, and such. Check the videos featuring the theme song "Kyary ANAN" and find all of her costumes! And which do you think is the best job for her?


1st version


2nd version (with Japanese comedians 2700)


1. Convenience store clerk


2. Waitress


3. Cook


4. Pizza delivery

5. Fast-food clerk

6. Guard

7. Event staff

8. Removalist

9. Private teacher

10. Gas station attendant

11. Construction worker

12. Florist

Source: Natalie


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