"Senran Kagura BURST" Backs Dat Thang Up with "Oshiri" Mousepads

Mousepads for folks who see the world through Sir Mix-a-Lot's eyes

Sorry folks, I know that nine-minute trailer Joseph posted was a doozy, but you're getting even more Senran Kagura BURST today!


Marvelous AQL, creators of the "erotic ninja action" series, have this profound statement to make, which you really should read in Sean Connery's voice:


"Senran Kagura isn't just about explosive breasts. The butts are also amazing!"


And with that food for thought, Marvelous kicks off a promotion taking place at DS Game Cafes throughout Japan. Visitors who drop by a cafe between August 31 and October 1 will get to vote on which Senran Kagura character they'd like to see get the oshiri mousepad treatment. For those of you who don't know, an oshiri mousepad is like an oppai mousepad, only it focuses on the other set of curves. They also come in dude.




The character with the most votes will illustrated on a very limited-edition oshiri mousepad with original art from character designer Nan Yaegashi. Only 100 lucky derriere enthusiasts will be able to get the special-edition mousepads.


So what do you think? If Senran Kagura BURST somehow made it Stateside, would you like a mousepad like this as a pre-order bonus? Or is it just too much for you?


via Andriasang

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