Kotobukiya's Vash the Stampede (Trigun) Figure: The Definitive Edition

The coolest Trigun figure ever!

As reported in the Wonder Festival report in July, one of the most featured character items at Kotobukiya's booth was the 1/8 scale ARTFX figure of Vash The Stampede from the anime series' latest film Trigun Badlands Rumble in 2010. Kotobukiya Figure Blog recently posted the detailed photos of the incredible figure for us.


The figure so called "the definitive edition" is supervised by the original creator of the manga series Trigun and Trigun Maximum, Yasuhiro Nightow himself and comes with additional accessories like Vash’s eye glasses and the cute Kuroneko-sama figure. Kotobukiya has already started accepting pre-orders for the 9,975 yen (about US$126.90) figure which is slated for January 2013. The second figure of the ARTFX Trigun series, Nicholas D. Wolfwood, is now in production and will be released in Spring 2013.



Source: Kotobukiya Figure Blog


© Yasuhiro Nightow/Shonengahosha/Trigun Production Committee

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