Danny Choo Offering Free* Ticket To Japan in New Contest

Internet personality offering trip to Japan in sweepstakes involving Mirai Suenaga mascot

Internet personality and son of famous shoe designer Jimmy Choo, Danny Choo has made a name for himself as a blogger and entrepreneur living and working in Japan within the anime and related industries, all the while projecting the image of an otaku that lives the dream of every anime/manga fan via his Culture Japan blog. His latest contest aims to spread a little bit of that "luck" and it involves his Mirai Suenaga mascot.


Mirai Nendoroid


In exchange for purchasing a Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid via pre-order until September 18th and doing a small photosession with it once it's received, you can submit your photos for a shot to win a trip to Japan.


The contest was inspired by the Japanese government thinking out loud shortly after last year's Tohoku earthquake and tsunami disaster which considered giving away free trips to Japan in exchange for acting as tourism ambassadors to drive even more travel to the country, as tourism to Japan declined sharply in the wake of the nuclear disaster that followed the earthquake and tsunami, only to reject the idea days later.


Mirai Nendoroid 2


I'll be honest, this seems like a thinly veiled sales drive in order to pump pre-order sales of his licensed mascot Nendoroid, but if people think they have a shot to win a free trip to the beloved otaku paradise, more power to them. Although, I think selling the contest as a "Free" return ticket to Japan is rather disingenuous.


What do you guys think of his latest stunt and how do you feel about Danny Choo in general?


Images © Culture Japan/Mirai Gaia

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