Take on Familiar Villains in "Project X Zone"

Announced foes from "Mega Man X," "Sakura Wars" and more

We've seen plenty of the heroes for the upcoming 3DS strategy-RPG Project X Zone, which mixes characters from Sega, Capcom, and Namco Bandai, along with a few original faces. Thankfully, they won't all be fighting each other, as the game will also be using famous villains to serve as rivals to many of the game's most famous faces.




Vile (known in Japan as VaVa) shows up from the Mega Man X games. No word on whether he'll be cowarding it up in his trademark Ride Armor.




Darkstalkers' undead rocker Lord Raptor tears up the scenery, but I had no idea he was a bad guy. I always figured he was just a side character, like E. Honda.




Ice-cold beauty Selvaria Bles continues her turn-based strategy duties from Valkyria Chronicles. Hopefully she won't be carrying that gigantic machine gun she had during the Ghirlandaio defense.


Finally, freaky rabbit-thing Ciseaux takes time off from Sakura Wars 3 to show up in PXZ. No picture, since he's the stuff nightmares are made of--he's a giant rabbit in a pink suit who likes to attack people with scissors. I'll let your imagination do the rest.


Monolith Soft has also revealed the names of three original villains for Project X Zone--Drei and Ein Belenus, and Douhet Fravelm. Or, uh... whatever the official romanizations will be. Seriously, romanizing foreign-sounding names is hell on Earth--who woulda thought that ベジータ (Bejiita) would be romanized "Vegeta?"


As for Project X Zone, I'm looking forward to more villain reveals instead of hero reveals--the cast of good guys is pretty big, so I hope we've got an equally-huge army of villains to take on. What about you?


via Andriasang

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