VIDEO: "Strike Suit Zero" PAX Game Trailer

Features Mecha Design by Junji Okubo

Ever since I was a precious poppet, oh how I have dreamt of blowing stuff up in outer space, preferably behind the controls of a transforming robot rocketship of my very own! This is one reason why I am eagerly awaiting the upcoming TV game Strike Suit Zero (due on XBOX Live and PSN in early 2013 and PC later this year).


Another is because the game features mecha design from my friend Junji Okubo, whose sleek forward-looking work has graced anime such as Summer Wars, other games like Steel Battalion, as well the cover of the 1st LP by cyberpunk techno overlords VALKILLY.


Strike Suit Zero looks to be a shoot ‘em up in the best “the pilot is you!” tradition. Here’s the new trailer that dropped yesterday in time for PAX Prime...



Source: G4TV



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