VIDEO: Preview of the new Perfume PV, "FAKE IT"

“Perfume Global Compilation LOVE THE WORLD” goes on sale 9/12 on iTunes

Although summer is on the way out, over in Japan, things are heating up for the electro-pop three girl rhumba known as Perfume. In anticipation of Perfume’s upcoming best-of album “Perfume Global Compilation LOVE THE WORLD” (which goes on sale globally on iTunes on 9/12), the group’s official YouTube channel has just released a 2-min preview of a new video for an older track “FAKE IT”.


After a pretty insane nosebleed intro, the song settles back into the familiar beeps-and-bass groove that Perfume (along with producer Yasutaka Nakata) made their stock in trade. While I don’t think this track, originally a b-side from 2011, is an all-time classic, I like it better than the recent “Spending All My Time”, which departed too much from what Perfume does best: sounding like post-human cyber idols. 



Sorry that the clip is only a preview of the full length video, but we gander there’s only about a minute or so of footage that is not featured. Is there a more annoying trend going on right now than “previews” of music videos? Does the last section of the video contain earth-shattering spoilers that I can only appreciate if I buy a limited edition CD + DVD  or something? Anyway, FAKE IT and pretend you’re watching the full version...


Source: Tokyo Hive



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