Doraemon Will Be Born 100 Years from Today, So Happy Birthday!

Everyone's favorite robot cat was created on September 3, 2112

Here comes one of the more unusual birthday celebrations on these pages. Doraemon, the robot cat created by the duo of Fujiko Fujio—Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko—was officially given life in a factory on September 3, 2112. Maybe that means in 100 years we can all look forward to our very own Doraemon!



Doraemon traveled back in time from the 22nd century to assist series protagonist Nobita Nobi in the manga, which debuted in December, 1969. The official Doraemon website celebrated the event with a flash-animated cake complete with audio birthday wishes. Meanwhile, a Google video showcases real-life parallels to some of Doraemon's gadgets.



An exhibition in Hong Kong features 100 Doraemon figures celebrating 100 years prior to his birth.



Let's see what Japanese online art community Pixiv is up to for Doraemon's -100th bday:


by 倫会(トモエ)@次は仙台僕ヒ


by wanco


by Moko


by G


by みーや


by 袖引き小僧


Now, if someone would kindly cryogenically freeze me for roughly 100 years, I think that'll just about wrap up this day of celebration. 


Via The Asahi Shimbun, ANN



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