Milla Jovovich Attacked by Zombies at Tokyo "Resident Evil: Retribution" Premiere

Film opens 9/14 for the rest of us...

The world premiere of Resident Evil: Retribution was held in Tokyo’s ritzy Roppongi Hills on 9/3…and wouldn’t you know it, a trio of zombies showed up to cause havoc!



Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich, the film’s writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson, and singer/actress Mika Nakashima found themselves menaced pre-film by a trio of “undead comedians” including Yoshio Kojima, Dandy Sakano, and Miyuki Torii.




The zombie-fied trio, once popular, have all seen better days (example: Kojima is often seen dancing around in his tiny bathing suit on the kiddie TV show Ohasuta) and we’re perhaps poking fun at their status as living dead Japanese talents by showing up at the red carpet event. Or maybe they literally had nothing better to do!



The event began as the movie’s power trio traded customary backslapping quotes while the press snapped away.


Milla: "I have great admiration for Mika! Her voice is like a little bird’s, and she seems like an angel, but suddenly she transforms into an action warrior!"


Anderson: “Milla is a top-class action star, but Mika can hold her own with her in battle. She got pretty tortured in this movie, but in the next, I want to torture her a lot more!" (To that, Nakashima replied, "I look forward to it!")



The, the undead comedians showed up, dancing and clutching popcorn and drinks, causing  Nakashima to call to them, "Come and be in the next film!"


Kojima said to Milla, "I love you," and she replied back, "I love you”.


Because Resident Evil: Retribution is all about LOVE.


BONUS! Video of this incredible once in a lifetime event!




Source: Tokyo Walker


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