Yes, "Ace Attorney 5" Will Make Its Way to the West

Capcom confirms plans to release, will have more news soon

Maybe we're just getting a little expectant when it comes to the series' main titles, but most likely won't be surprised to learn that Capcom has plans to bring Gyakuten Saiban 5 (Ace Attorney 5) to western audiences. 


After Pocket Gamer updated their story to include a quote from Capcom stating it is "planning to release Ace Attorney 5 in the West" and will have more news soon, Siliconera hit up the company and got similar confirmation from PR Manager Brian Keltner.


As previously reported, Ace Attorney 5 puts Phoenix Wright back in the spotlight, and takes place a year after the events of Apollo Justice. The game will use 3D character models, and while writer/director Shu Takumi will not be returning to write, Trials and Tribulations' Noriyuki Iwadare will handle the music. Dig some images of Wright's new sidekick and more from the Famitsu story below.



Who's hyped for more courtroom action?



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