VIDEO: Giant Hatsune Miku's Water Stage Live Performance!

10m Miku shows her performance just like anime

Yesterday the official site of "Festival 39 (Miku) end of summer" has posted a 3 minutes 56 seconds digest movie of their event at Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture on August 29. The video features a live performance by a giant Hatsune Miku (about 10m tall) on the water screen (15m x 30m) created by water spray on the sea in the night. The giant Miku projected on the screen entertained the 3,000 audience with her dreaming performance just like virtual singers in Sci-Fi anime. She performed "Weekender Girl," "ODDS&ENDS," "Time Machine," and "39." It feels like we really live in the future with Miku, doesn't it?



Source: Hatsune Miku News



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