G4 Network to Rebrand, Cater to Older Demographic

NBCUniversal plans to aim channel at GQ-reading males

When G4 launched in 2002, it was unlike pretty much anything before it. A gaming channel, hooray! It may have been rocky at first, but it was cool to have a focused network, and it was interesting to watch it evolve over the years with shows like X-Play and Attack of the Show. Now, according to Variety, NBCUniversal is looking to rebrand and end G4 as we know it by early 2013, with plans to cater the new channel toward older, GQ-reading males. 


Of course, the last few years of G4 have not been kind, so it's doubtful many are lamenting its end at this point. One would be hard-pressed to mistake it for a gaming or tech-centric network when turning it on at any given moment tends to yield marathon episodes of Cheaters, COPS, or Campus PD. Hey, I actually enjoy trash TV like that, but there are so many other places to watch idiots yell at each other on cable. 


In the wake of this news, let's reminisce about the old days, both good and bad, of G4. Remember shows like Arena, Game On, and Portal? Were you a fan of the dynamic duo of Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler on X-Play? Or will you simply pine for lost days of COPS, COPS, and more COPS?  


Via Destructoid


EDIT: Changed headline for clarification's sake. It's not currently clear how much gaming coverage the rebranded network will contain. 



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