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SID to provide opening theme on anime slated to adapt up to conclusion of the Balbadd Arc

A-1 Pictures' (Blue Exorcist) October adaptation of Shinobu Ohtaka's (Sumomomo, MomomoOne Thousand and One Nights inspired manga series Magi - Labyrinth of Magic has caught plenty of eyes as one of the more anticipated anime of the fall season, and fortunately it's getting plenty of coverage to stoke the hype. 



Vocalist Mao has revealed that SID's (Bleach) V.I.P will be the anime's opening theme.


via @RollingPirahna - story info on the anime includes:

- The anime will adapt the manga up to the conclusion of the Balbadd Arc.

- The introductory chapters early in the manga will be edited to hasten the pace, things will be rearranged and cut. But after that, the major arcs will be adaptated faithful to the manga - The Dungeon Arc, the Kouga Arc, and finally the Balbadd Arc.

- Because of the latter half of the anime series will cover Alibaba's past, they consulted with the original author, and decided to introduce more foreshadowing elements in the earlier parts of the story to build his character.

- The first episode will cover Aladdin and Alibaba's encounter and how they became friends, while the second episode will introduce Jamil and Mor into the picture.

- The will be an anime-only character introduced at some point

These points seem to suggest to me that at least half or more of the series will cover Balbadd, which clearly should be the case because it's a long arc. It sounds like they're cutting down the first 5 chapters or so to 2 episodes, but if they proceed from there, there still might not be enough episodes in 2-cours to do a full adaptation. I'm starting to think it's possible this could either be a 3-cour adaptation (15-16 episodes for the first two arcs, then 23-24 episodes for Balbadd), or they could be adding an anime-only original arc before Balbadd to make it 4-cour.

Either way, they do seem to be taking the author's approval into consideration, and it seems they want to make a relatively faithful adaptation, but with new stuff which doesn't mess with the overall story.


via Otakomu

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