Today is the 15th Anniversary of "Final Fantasy VII" in North America!

Taking a look back at the Western release of one of the most influential and beloved JRPGs of all time

Final Fantasy VII is an important title.


Maybe that's kind of an understatement considering everybody and their mom wants a remake for the game, but it's certainly saying something when the game was released in North America exactly fifteen years ago.




There was a bit of confusion leading up to the game's release--not only would Final Fantasy be making its debut on the then-new Sony PlayStation as opposed to a Nintendo console, but the last numbered game in the US was released as Final Fantasy III (it was really Final Fantasy VI in Japan). Add a bold marketing campaign and stunning pre-rendered promo art, and there was no way FFVII could fail.




Tiny text reads: "Possibly the greatest game ever made is available only on PlayStation. Good thing. If it were available on cartridge, it'd retail for around $1,200."


Personally, I love Final Fantasy VII the way it is--blocky graphics and pre-rendered backgrounds all around, showing just how much of a technological marvel it was in 1997.






While the game wasn't one of my absolute favorites, it's still one of the greatest experiences I've ever had in gaming. While you're celebrating, check out this kickass live-action fan film teaser!


What are your best memories of Final Fantasy VII? Were you like me, in line at Software Etc. (or Babbages, or Electronics Boutique) to pick up a copy of the game?


via Square Enix

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