Capcom VP: No Plans for Western Release of "E.X. Troopers"

E.X. Troopers to be released in Japan on November 22nd

EX Troopers Key Art


Responding to a series of questions on several upcoming games on the Capcom Unity forums, Capcom VP of Software Christian Svensson has unfortunately confirmed some bad news for those hoping that the game would see a release in the West after it gets released in Japan in November. When responding to a question regarding EX Troopers seeing a release outside of Japan:


“No because EX Troopers isn’t part of the LP series officially (thus the difference in name) nor are there plans to bring it Westward at this time.”


The reference to the Lost Planet franchise owes to the fact that E.X. Troopers was originally to be considered a part of that larger franchise at one point during the game's development and features heavy influence from the game in terms of its enviroments, before being completely spun off into its own title and having its title changed late in the marketing cycle.


EX Troopers 1


Now with the confirmation of no Western release of E.X. Troopers, how many of you were hoping for an English release? I know I was, but Capcom being Capcom seems to enjoy leaving money on the table and upsetting its shrinking fanbase more than being willing to bring titles with tons of potential over from Japan. Will they ever change their stance? I hope so.


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