VIDEO: “Anyway Someway", the new PV by IdiotPop

Features animation by Vocaloid artist Hiroyuki Takahashi

If you’re looking for a groovy animated music video from Japan to help trip out with on this lazy Sunday afternoon, then look no further than "Anyway Someway feat Frenesi", the new PV from IdiotPop, which concerns the story of a girl and her long-lost human sized ice cream cone. Or something like that...


Neither an idol act, or a j-pop regular (two kinds of music we’re most guilty of posting here on Crunchy News), IdiotPop is an indie artist (the kind who doesn't like being photographed without a mask) with deep ties to the Tokyo club scene. ""Anyway Someway" is a track from his recently released second album EXWORLD.


The piano hammering, schoolyard pep song (which reminds me a bit of vintage Go! Team) comes to life thanks to art direction and tons of illustrations by Hiroyuki Takahashi, veteran of assorted pixiv and Vocaloid projects.


Dig it…




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