Crunchyroll Celebrates 100K Paid Subscriber Milestone

Media streaming portal credits expansion into mobile, smart TV and streaming boxes for growth

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Streaming media portal Crunchyroll has been riding a wave of success within the past few months with the expansion of its streaming service outside of its main PC-based portal, with incursions into mobile by offering new apps for Windows Phone as well as expanding to new smart television platforms by Samsung and Google TV along with its recent expansion to the Playstation 3 as a dedicated application via Playstation Network.

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Now, the portal has confirmed that its subscriber base has reached 100,000 paid subscribers and credits the achievement in part to its expansion outside of its PC-based origins as a streaming portal and is especially proud of being the only startup on the Playstation 3, being that the company is backed by venture capital firm Venrock along with TV Tokyo and digital publishing firm Bitway. An excerpt from the GigaOM interview with CEO Kun Gao, which broke the news of the milestone follows below:


Part of getting to 100,000 paying subscribers has also been Crunchyroll’s embrace of new platforms, some of which are limited to paying subscribers as well. Crunchyroll doesn’t just have its own apps for iOS, Android and Windows phone, but also Roku, Boxee, Google TV and the Playstation 3 – a platform that Kun is especially proud about: “We are literally the only startup on the Playstation,” he told me.


With Crunchyroll hitting the 100K paid subscriber milestone, the portal is now looking to expand into other content niches where the model of same-day premium access could also be applied in order to speed up delivery of content, though specific details and plans were not revealed. The company also expanded its service outside of English-speaking territories by launching a localized version of its portal and service to Latin American users earlier this year, a move that has seen digital piracy decline substantially in the region since its launch.

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Some key stats from the first 100K paid members that led to the milestone also include that 74% of returning users come back daily and 80% of premium viewers visit more than 10 times in a week, proving that the idea of simulcasting anime and Asian drama is not only viable, but a key factor in drawing more users to the service month after month, with 100% growth every year leading to the 100K paid subscriber milestone.

This makes Crunchyroll the leader in the quickly growing field of Asian content streaming, with its closest competitors in Funimation and The Anime Network trailing behind the startup. With the first 100,000 paid subscribers now in place, what will the figures look like next September? If they continue on their current trend, 200 or even 250K paid subscribers is very possible, though time will tell, especially if Crunchyroll continues its work on international expansion.

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