VIDEO: UK Fan Film Makes a Serious Attempt at Live-Action "Dragon Ball Z"

UK based K and K Productions working on Saiyan Saga live-action

While there's plenty to be said for the lighter parts of the Dragon Ball saga, UK based K and K Productions is hard at work on a live-action fan film for the DBZ Saiyan Saga that looks like a no-nonsense martial arts movie, and is all the more impressive for it. 



We are two brothers who run a small video production company in the UK. We've been Producing, Directing, Shooting and editing for our company for over 5 years now and have always talked about doing a Dragonball Z Fan Film. We grew up watching DBZ and it provided many years of entertainment and enjoyment for us as we're sure it did for many of you. We, like every other DBZ fan, were sorely disappointed with Hollywood's attempt and producing a live action DBZ film. So this May we are set to shoot an extended Live action Fan trailer for the Saiyan Saga!

The trailer will be 4-5 minutes long packed full of the greatest moments and favourite characters from the Saiyan Saga. We have an absolutely amazing cast on board who you can see on the website:

This will be a professionally produced fan trailer made for the fans by the fans. We have professional make-up artistes and costume designers who will provide feature film quality costumes and prosthetics for all the characters that will really bring DBZ's iconic characters to life in a real and gritty way.


Peter Peralta - Goku
Aaron Ly - Vegeta
Ryan Oliva - Nappa
Michael Amariah - Piccolo
David Cheung - Tien 
Isky Fay - Yamcha
Lee Edaward Jones - Krillin
Brandon Ly - Gohan
Zack Nizato - Raditz
Oliver Faber - Chiaotzu

This will be the trailer we make in live action

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Jib Work by Artisan films


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