VIDEO: Japanese Idols Become Blood Sucking Vampires for New PV!

Passpo☆'s new single WING goes on sale October 3

Passpo☆ are yet another idol unit from Japan, signed to Universal Music, but not really on the same page popularity-wise as other all-singing, all-dancing girl groups like AKB48 and Momoiro Clover Z. But the video for the new single WING looks to shake things up with a bid for cult stardom via a new metal sound and, more importantly, VAMPIRES!!!


Although this is only the short version of the WING video (at nearly 3 minutes, you have to wonder how much longer they can go on before all getting staked through the heart) prepare yourself for the spectacle of a bunch of Japanese girls dressed like flight attendants performing inside an abandoned church in front of a band of dapper male vampires before baring fangs and succumbing to an all-out FEAST OF BLOOD!



Sure, it’s Halloween, and even Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is getting spooky in honor of the season, but still, it’s enough to make you wonder if someone has just bit a big ol' page out of the BABYMETAL playbook…



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