VIDEO: Fate/Zero Einzbern Consultation Room 2 Preview

Plus a bonus Fate/zero x Gintama parody

The world of the Fate series is complicated and serious. Fortunately, there's Irisviel and Student No. 0's Einzbern Consultation Room to illuminate and add levity to the proceedings, and better yet, a new collection of the goofy tell-all bonus shorts will soon be shipping with the second Blu-ray collection of Fate/zero.




Back in June, Aniplex announced plans to import the Fate/Zero - Blu-ray Disc Box II from Japan and release it in North America on September 19th. Like the first set, it's quite expensive: $454.98 SRP.

Speaking of Fate/zero goofs,  Pixiv artist "ai" is back with a new parody/Gintama mash-up


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