VIDEO: Necomimi Ears Featured in New Erena Ono PV

Ex-AKB48 member sings Vocaloid song wearing brain-wave cat ears

This summer, US anime cons were all but invaded by Necomimi, the brain-wave cat ears created by neurosky that move depending on your emotions. Heck, even our very own Victoria got into the act by strapping on a pair and going to Starbucks!


Now, ex-AKB48 member Erena Ono has made Necomimi an essential part of the new music video for her new song "Ah! A Cat's Wonderful Life". See how many emotional states you can spot while Erena flirts with herself in both boy mode and girl feline modes!



Some of you serious j-pop diehards might recognize "Ah! A Cat's Wonderful Life" as a GUMI x LEN song from last year. Idols x Necomimi x Vocaloids? Looks like someone is really putting together an otaku knockout punch here.


FUN FACT: the song was recorded while Erena was wearing Necomimi, too! So if there's any magic in this track, I guess you can thank those little fuzzy cat ears...all of which begs the question: did she get a free pair?




Patrick Macias is editor in chief of Crunchyroll News. He also runs the Japanese Fashion Inferno tumblr blog. Follow him on twitter at @Patrick_Macias.

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