Sony Won't Be Dropping Old PS3 Price in Wake of Slimmer Console

Sony believes people value content and games over "weird price moves"

Sony has done a wonderful job of spinning its recently revealed reluctance to drop the price of older PlayStation 3 models in the wake of the new slimmer console. Traditionally, a new model means the older units get a nice little price reduction, but Sony is bucking the trend and saying nay to such nonsense!


While speaking to Engadget, Sony Computer Entertainment America VP John Koller said, "There's no price drop formally… But the thing that's been happening in the market over the last year or so is that there's been so many retail price promotions, and so many different gift card offers and all those things, being done by all of us (Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony), that we've heard from our consumer, 'Enough with all these weird price moves. What we really want is content and games and value.'"


Emphasis mine, as that's where the fun lies. Has anyone ever complained about "weird price moves?" Doubtful, but even if Sony isn't on board with dropping the price of their old models, that doesn't mean various retailers wont have deals ready to go as we get closer to the holidays. 


The new 250GB PS3 will be available on September 25 in a bundle priced at $269.99. The 500GB model's release will coincide with Assassin's Creed III's debut on October 30. Were you surprised to learn that Sony has no plans to lower their older unit prices?


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