"Tekken" Producer Wants to Work on a Game with "Street Fighter" Producer, But...

Harada is worried that they would spend too much time goofing off and not working

Okay, so Street Fighter X Tekken wasn't so hot, but gamers--especially fighting game fans--still hold out hope for Street Fighter's Yoshinori Ono to actually work together with Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada on a game. While Harada loves the idea and respects Ono as a developer, he does have some... other concerns about working with someone as out-and-out fun as Ono.


"I think he would be a positive asset to the company and on that front we definitely would want to hire him, but personally working with him, I don't think we'd get very far in our jobs because we'd be too busy playing pranks on each other and putting animal turds around each other's desks. I think work would slow down a great deal if we worked together."


Office pranks are now being taken to a new level. Don't worry, CR staffers, I don't have much access to animal turds. But if I did...


Ono and Harada are both very competent developers (and bros 4 life), so I'd love to see what kind of game they'd make if they actually combined forces. What would you like to see from these two titans of fighting games? Are there other devs you'd like to see team up?


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