VIDEO: "Project X Zone" Opening Movie

Check out the slick animated intro for the huge 3DS crossover

There's no shortage of excitement for Project X Zone, the massive Sega/Namco Bandai/Capcom crossover SRPG that's hitting the 3DS (in Japan) on October 11. After teasing us with some stills and a few glimpses of the Studio Trigger-animated opening movie during that 16-minute preview, Monolith Soft has finally unveiled the full opening. Feast your eyes on an opening that basically crosses greats from Tekken, Xenosaga, Street Fighter, Sakura Wars and more with Gurren-Lagann-style energy and badassery!



I'm over here hyperventilating with joy at how beautiful that was--what about you? Are you, like me, still holding out hope for Project X Zone to come to North America?


via Siliconera

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