Cycle in Otaku Style With "Anohana" and "Nyarko-san" Gear

Unisex jerseys and ita-chari stickers due in December

Ever want to be That Guy (or Lady) who shows up to the local road race in otaku gear? Well, amisports is ready to enable your dream. This December, they will be releasing unisex cycling jerseys featuring moe elder god Nyarko-san and AnoHano's Menma, as well as wheel and frame stickers for creating your own ita-chari (the bicycle equivalent of Itasha hurt cars). 


Nyarko-san cycling jerseys are available in eight sizes from XS (Length: 163cm, Chest 81-87cm, Waist 67-73cm) to  4XL (Length: 191+cm, Chest 109-115cm, Waist 95-101cm). The Full Zip Unisex Models have three back pockets and sell for about 10,000yen ($130).

Nyarko-San Bicycle Dress-Up Stickers - 2750yen ($35)

Compatible with carbon and alluminum frame road/cross bicycles
Full Cut Sticker (contains uncut customizable area)
Size: A3 Sheet x 1
Material: Laminated Vinyl

Bicycle wheel sticker 8000yen ($102) single and 14000yen($180) for double set

Size: 600mm Diameter (70mm hole in center of wheel)
Material: 3M Car Wrapping Media

Compatible with 700C type disc wheels or 600mm diameter wheel covers.



The Menma jerseys have short sleeve - 10,000yen ($130) and long sleeve - 12000yen ($154) versions



In addition to the dress up stickers, AnoHana has two versions of wheel stickers.


via Amiami


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