Platinum Games: "Bayonetta 2" Would Not Exist Without Nintendo

Atsushi Inaba expresses how crucial Nintendo was to Bayonetta's return

To say the announcement of Bayonetta 2's Wii U exclusivity was polarizing would be a true understatement. Fans were either happy just to see Bayonetta returning, or downright venomous in response to the sequel being restricted to Nintendo's next console. However, as Platinum Games executive director Atsushi Inaba tells Polygon, Bayonetta 2 owes its existence to Nintendo. 


"Would Bayonetta 2 not exist without Nintendo? The answer is yes," said Inaba at Tokyo Game Show.  


Inaba went on to say that Platinum Games is not viewing this as a platform switch. "We were looking for a partner to create Bayonetta 2 and Nintendo was a strong, cooperative partner that was willing to create and grow Bayonetta 2 together [with us]. As a result the platform became the Wii U."



While Sega published the first Bayonetta, scaling back on the number of titles they're publishing has since brought the localization of another Platinum Games title, Anarchy Reigns, into question. This has been frustrating for Inaba, who said he still doesn't know when Anarchy Reigns will be published outside of Japan. 


While introducing the Wii U GamePad into Bayonetta 2 has caused Platinum Games to put extra thought into implementing differentiating features, he said hardware change doesn't otherwise influence the creation of their games. The basic framework is created on PC, so Platinum has already developed their own engine to work with multiple platforms. 


Inaba offers more insight into Bayonetta 2, such as the creative thought behind the teaser, so be sure to read the whole article linked above for more. As for more details on the game itself, Inaba hopes you'll use your imagination to speculate for now. 



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