VIDEO: "Truth", the New PV by Versailles

New album goes on sale 9/26

I’m sure there’s lots of people reading this that know a lot more about that peculiar strain of Japanese rock music known as Visual-kei than I do. But while I don’t really follow every development and happening in the v-kei scene, I do like Visual-kei music videos: the decadence, the clothes (is that a dude in that dress?), the photography, the campy androgyny and set design. It’s a combination of silly and sublime that reminds me of a time when real rock stars walked the earth…



And so I present to you “Truth” the new video by the band known as Versailles (AKA Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet). I’ll leave up to you mega super duper fans to dissect every shot and nuance of the clip in the comments, but for now, know ye that Versailles’s new self-titled LP will be released in Japan on 9/26.


But then again, some of you probably already knew that, didn’t you?



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