"Final Fantasy XIII-2" DLC on Sale This Week

Discounts on a bunch of items across Xbox Live and PSN

The next installment in the FFXIII saga, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, isn't due out until sometime next year, so there's plenty of time to catch up on any bonus content you may have missed. This week Square Enix is offering incentive to do just that, with across the board discounts on all Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC on Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network. 


In addition to a variety of costume downloads, like the N7 Armor from Mass Effect, as well as Coliseum battles, the more content-packed bonus episodes have also received a substantial discount. Here's the low price lowdown:


Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess - 200 MS Points (XBM) / $2.49 (PSN)

Snow: Perpetual Battlefield - 160 MS Points (XBM) / $1.99 (PSN)

Sazh: Heads or Tails? - 200 MS Points (XBM) / $1.75 (PSN)


The deals end one week past September 25 on 360, and one week past September 26 on PSN. Anyone miss out on these before and plan on taking advantage of this sale? 


Via Joystiq



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