Toei's Live-Action Magic Girl Returns

1990 tokusatsu heroine returns in new Kamen Rider movie

Before there was Pretty Cure. Before there was Sailor Moon or Ojamajo Doremi, there was Pretty Mask Poitrine - a 1990 live-action tokusatsu show developed by Shotaro Ishinomori, representing both the "Toei Superheroes" and "Toei Fushigi Comedy" series. Almost 25 years later, Poitrine is making her big return in the new Kamen Rider movie.


Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum features a crossover of last year's Kamen Rider Fourze and this year's Wizard. Set five years after the series, Fourze's Gentaro has now become a teacher at Amanogawa High, while Yuki achieved her dream to become an astronaut. Kengo has taken over his father’s role as a scientist and Ryusei has become an Interpol agent.


Even Fourze's Inga Blink and Nadeshiko will be back.

Mutant Sanagiman from 1973 Ishonomori/Toei tokusatsu series Inazuman will also be making his return.

Then there's Pretty Mask Poitrine 

The original version...


Toy commercial


There's even a bit of a fandub

via Henshin Justice and PreCure

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