VIDEO: Vocaloid China Project Anime PV 4th Episode

Featuring 17-year-old high school girl Mo Qingxian

Following the first episode in June, the second in July,  and the third in early September, VOCALOID CHINA PROJECT released the fourth anime promotional video to tell the Chinese vocaloid characters' story on the animation section of their official site. The fourth episode features one of the female characters, Mo Qingxian (墨 清弦). She is a 17-year-old high school student and mysterious due to her poor health. She likes old books and poetry, and also very good at traditional Chinese instruments.


Vocaloid China Project 4th promotional video


"Millennium Recipe Song" by Luo Tianyi


"March Rain" by Luo Tianyi


Source: Hatsune Mikumiku


© Vocaloid China Project

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