"Madoka Magica" Girls Go Feline For Crane Game Prizes

Namco promotion corresponds with launch of movies

Namco has revealed an October through November Madoka Magica campaign that includes clear files, crane game prizes and other goodies. The plush witches and Mami figure prizes are nice and all, but what really needs to be seen is the Madoka Magica umaibou tasty sticks, featuring the girls redone as the treat's goofy mascot.



Crane game prizes include...


 corn potage flavor umaibou - 40 pack

chicken curry flavor umaibou - 40 pack


Tomoe Mami ~ ~ ☆ Magi Madoka Magica figure SQ

Witch mascot charms

Super DX Plush Doll QB

treats served at the Namco Namja Town indoor theme park in Ikebukuro, Tokyo

clear files


via @vinhnyu

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