Xbox Live Details Rewards for Players with High Gamerscores

Different tiers of Achievement points unlock various rewards

Microsoft previously teased a rewards program that offers prizes based on how many Achievement Points a player has earned, and now they've rolled out some details on just what you can expect to get. There are different tiers depending on how high your gamerscore is, and while the prizes aren't exactly earth shattering, it's nice to see them making good on their promise.


The "Contender" category offers Gold members with 3,000+ Achievement Points a "Special Gift" during their birthday month. Zip down to the fine print and you'll see that special gift has an approximate retail value of 25¢, but whatever. 


The other two categories are "Champion" and "Legend." Champions with 10,000+ Achievement Points will get the birthday gift and a 1% rebate on Xbox Live Marketplace purchases every month. Legends with 25,000+ Achievement Points are eligible for the gift and a 2% rebate on XBLM purchases every month.


Before you rush off to claim your prizes, remember you need to be a Gold member that's signed up for the Xbox Live Rewards program linked above. Alright, I've almost got 45k, I want my dang quarter!


Via Joystiq



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