VIDEO: "Lone Wolf and Cub" HD Sample Clip

Six samurai revenge films released on Blu-ray

Last week, anime turned samurai film publisher Animeigo released a Blu-ray collection of the six Lone Wolf and Cub films, and in honor of the whole bloody affair hitting BR, AnimEigo posted a clip of the legendary Itto Ogami going about his business in high-def. Use the YouTube gear icon to see Suiouryu Horse-Slaying Technique in full 1080p.



A Fistful of Koku

He was Itto Ogami, a man who held himself to the harsh code of Bushido, entrusted by the Shogun with the gravest of responsibilities, that of official executioner. His flashing blade brought swift release to those ordered to commit Seppuku, ritual suicide - be they man, woman, or even child. 

He was Itto Ogami, falsly accused of treason by the evil Yagyu Clan, stripped of his position; his wife murdered by Yagyu assassins. 

He was Itto Ogami, a father who gave his infant son a terrible choice between a beautiful red ball and a sword. To choose the ball meant to join his mother in the Void, to choose the sword meant to join his father, now a Ronin, a samurai without a master, in a terrible journey that must end in revenge and death. 

Now Ogami and his son are no more, and through the countryside of Japan stalks 

The Lone Wolf and Cub!

500 gold pieces will buy his sword, but nothing can buy his honor! 

The classic "Baby Cart" films are finally available in legitimate wide-screen collectors editions, lovingly translated and subtitled by the famous AnimEigo team.


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