1/3 Scale "Another" Mei Misaki Doll Compounds Creepy

Mei sculptor also has a 1/3 scale Steins;Gate Kurisu Makise doll coming in October

Dolls, especially large ones, are creepy enough to begin with. You're asking for trouble when you bring horror novel/anime/manga/movie Another into the equation. AZONE's appropriately name Another Realistic Character series will be producing a 1/3 scale 50cm Mei Misaki in December, with the expensive bit of nightmare fuel going for 42,200 yen ($540)


Head: Newly sculpted soft vinyl head (by Hisarake Kiyama - Hyper Space), Wig
Body: Obitsu 50cm Body M Bust
Costumes: Yomizawakita junior high school uniform set, loafers

AZONE also has an Another Realistic Characters doll of Houkago Play's Kanojo out later in October.

AZONE and Mei sculptor Hisatake Kiyama also have a 1/3 Hybrid Active Figure - Steins;Gate: Kurisu Makise Complete Doll coming out in October.


via AmiAmi


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