VIDEO: Advances in "Gundam" Tofu Reinforce Zeon Line

Z'Gok prepares with Operation Nabe while D Type Zaku is ready for desert/dessert

This spring, inspired by green edamame beans, the venerable tofu makers at Sagamiya Food have started mass producing a special tofu modeled after Mobile Suit Gundam's Zaku enemy mecha. But, the weather is getting cold and it's time for some new seasonal flavors of Zeon mecha based tofu.


Modeled after the amphibious Z'Gok, the first new tofu is ready for Operation Nabe (crab pot)


It comes with a particle megacannon fork.


Recommended recipes


The second is a type D desert/dessert model vanilla flavored Zaku


See the product page here



The previous Zaku model


A special product page is online at

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