"Gears of War" Creator Cliff Bleszinski Leaving Epic Games

Bleszinski taking a break after two decades of working in video game design

Game designer and producer Cliff Bleszinski, otherwise known as CliffyB, is leaving Epic Games after twenty years. Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney announced the departure earlier today, sending CliffyB off with his best wishes:


"In 20 wonderful years with Epic, Cliff Bleszinski has grown into a true design luminary, and his contributions to the ‘Unreal’ and ‘Gears’ series have helped shape the game industry into what it is today. Cliff leaves Epic with our gratitude for his many contributions, and our wishes for continued success in the next chapter of his life!"



Don't worry, that's his small gun


Bleszinski left a farewell statement for the press and his colleagues, looking back on his history with Epic from freeware hit Jazz Jackrabbit to Unreal to Gears of War.


"I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager, and outside of my sabbatical last year, I have been going non-stop. I literally grew up in this business, as Mike [Rein] likes to say. And now that I’m grown up, it’s time for a much needed break.


"I will miss the projects, the playtests, the debates, and most importantly, the people. Epic only hires the best of the best, and it has been a joy working with each and every one of you on a daily basis, whether you were hired weeks ago or decades ago. I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with a variety of disciplines, from code to art to marketing and PR—it’s been one big, rewarding learning experience. I’m confident that each project that is being built, whether at Epic, Chair, PCF, or Impossible will be top notch and will please gamers and critics alike."



Funny how Unreal was the best-looking game period in 1998


Having spent years playing this guy's games--the Unreal Tournament and Gears of War games have always been among the best to get everyone together and play--I'm a little sad to see him go. A part of me wonders, with him talking about "learning so much," do you think Bleszinski is going to eventually start his own company? He's mentioned in the past his desire to work with Japanese developers and make games more challenging and story-oriented, so what do you think is next for CliffyB?



via Siliconera

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