"K" Anime Presents 100 Visuals x 100 Days

The ambitious world of K anime introduced in 100 visuals

It remains to be seen whether K will be artistically or popularly successful, but it certainly seems like you have to call K "wildly ambitious." The new anime, streamed in North America from Viz, sees Gou Nakanishi and GoHands (Mardock Scramble) teaming with a cabal of light novel writers working under the name GoraProject:

Mamizu Arisawa (Inukami!)
Furuhashi Hideyuki (Black Rod)
Azano Kouhei (Black Blood Brothers)
Kabei Yukako (Kieli)
Rei Rairaku (Kanashimi Chimera)
Suzu Suzuki (Kyuketsuki no Oshigoto)
Takahashi Yashichirou (Shakugan no Shana)

Matching that ambition, the world of K has been introduced with 100 visuals in 100 days.





Who are you?

[Under the will of my deceased master, I shall defeat the evil King!]

Whether it’s bad or good, it is only up to oneself to ascertain.


I am a cat!


White rice, miso soup, soft and fluffy omelet, and crispy grilled fish.

[I will thrust with sword in hand. No injustice will be left behind.]

Blue. The colour of the daybreak that wraps all the quietness, the colour of the night sea that turns all back to nothing.


Even blood and bone too. I don’t leave any ash.

[24 hours. All the time.]

Old prison. A series of iron gates along the hallway. With the tight security system, no one can escape.

[Permission to draw sword.]

The right arm doesn’t do unnecessary job, it works when the master expects it to. We must not make a mistake at any time.

[Unsheathe your sword!]

Justice that eliminates chaos.

[Investigative Information Special Disclosure Request Level Royal Blue]

In a small room gloried with jigsaw puzzles, that’s where all eyes and ears gather.

[The world has no interest in vulgar things.]

The places we’re living in were different after all.


Don’t call my name like you’re familiar! Don’t talk friendly with me!


What’s with the ‘King’? I didn’t even do anything.

[Don’t go.]

It’s the warmest around Mikoto. Mikoto’s red is the most pretty.

[Let’s play.]

Blue smoke floats rootlessly from the flame of the cigarette that I just burnt. Chaos and justice is just like a world of mingled crap.


Students who attend this school are fully managed, supporting comfortable school life. In order to have the all students go through school with happy smile, theschool is provided with variety of systems and plans.

[Japan is peaceful. It’s a good country.]

Delicious meals and snacks, noisy friends, basking on the rooftop with a cat on my chest.


Let’s eat. Thanks for the meal. Welcome home, I’m going, I love you. If I’ve said everything, if I’ve heard it.

[When finished eating, chop it.]

Sword and cooking. People who let live and get killed are also both important things.

[Somehow, I don’t quite understand.]

I want to take it easy. I dislike troublesome things. Fittingly, easily and ordinarily. So I don’t want to think about difficult things, however…

[Where has it gone to?]

Shiro is Neko’s Shiro, and Neko is also Shiro’s Neko.

[Someday, I]

The flame is always burning. Engulfing around, continues burning.

[No Blood! No Bone! No Ash!]

Team Red’s charge group leader, also known as (Yata Garasu/Yata Crows). 

We’re gonna meet Mikoto-san’s expectations! Let’s go, guys!

[Those I have interest in is those with blood and flesh.]

To keep on overlooking things, looking down upon lower things, what is it actually that you can see from such a high place?

King, you actually don’t know anything about the humble, do you?


At here, just the memories are too much.

[Belle, what’s the order?]

However, this is a secret just between me and you.

[Because it’s formal.]

For two weeks, human rights of the nation are infringed temporarily. Please understand this. There would be no veto.

[You are a wonderful person after all.]

The cool-headedness is good for my right arm.

[Is it worth risking your life for?]

Upon always laughing foolishly, open your mouth and keeps blabbing some big talk. That is such a man.

[“Recruit free people!”]

Eh, how’s class? After noon will be school festival preparation! You too, get moving.


The usual every day, idly spend through every day. In the world I know, there exists a world I don’t know.

[This country is doomed.]

Laughing like crazy, pathetic entreaty, self collapse.

[What’s wrong with going home to my own house?]

I liked it, the rice bowl.

[You’re not going to sing?]

He sang a gentle song. He made hot dishes. He was a mysterious man.

[I become the King’s vassal!]

He knew he was weak in battle but when he noticed, he was in the middle of it. He knew he was weak and yet he kept getting injured. Still, he wasn’t a smart guy. That was my first impression.

[“…Come again.”]

Guitar, old projector, prints, bonsai. Whatever is there doesn’t give off a united feeling. The interior of the shop has become a strange look. …There’s a small laughter.

[Our unity bond is even firmer than blood—Team Homra]

The boring and dull world has been changed by that person. There’s not even once have I forgotten the gratitude.


The boring and dull world. The lukewarm world that is interested in nothing. There’s not even once have I been satisfied with anything.

[This is some flaming talk.]

Slow music and the discerning bar counter which I pulled. A sound shaker echoing through the fancy shop. A noisy voice has begun to mingle in such a place. I cannot even smoke cigarettes peacefully.

[Don’t touch, danger.]

This and that person too, they just keep coming one after another.

[I know, you’re different from the others.]

It’s okay, it’s okay, it can somehow be managed.

[Fine blade “Kotowari”]

The former seventh sovereign (Colourless King)’s favourite sword. Even after the King is dead, only a master himself established himself. From now on as well.

[I hate the Joker card.]

It simply feels like it is lacking in equity. Particularly at the times when it isn’t in my hand.

[What could the King be considering about?]

A King is drawn to a King. He feels lonely whilst having huge power. Though I want to understand, I cannot understand it.

[I told you, I quit from being a King.]

The Sword of Damocles cracked into pieces. Upthrust the urge to destroy.

[Eggs, frying pan, cookware]

I’ve fried fluffy sweet omelet, but if you like it rolled Japanese style, just request it.


I’m… an ordinary high school student?

[I hate clothes! I hate leeks too!]

But I like Shiro!

[Sorry, it’s bad luck that I’ve let you down.]

I see with your eyes and hear with your ears. Suppress it by force. There’s only one way.

[I dislike fools.]

To breathe the same air as you makes me throw up.

[I am innocent.]

I’m not a really good person, neither did I do really bad things. I am living an ordinary life like the boys around my age. I think that’s normal to me.

[Just casually, go ahead with the way of your dreams.]

O late master, please tell me. What should this sword go through? Whom should I protect?

[Two Kings]

Existence of Kings has moved the world. In order for the light to live amongst the shadow, creating incompatible relations can be done.


There are many meaningful words of wisdom, beautifully and nobly. When got lost, you should also push this button and it should lead you to a good direction.
[I shall crush you.]
It’s done for the first time when it’s completely equal. Distorted and false peace is not necessary. I have already seen the whole vision.
[Vice Commander of Scepter 4]
There’s only one unwavering law. Truth to a King who raised it with his sword.
[Kagutsuchi crater, huh. Such a dangerous talk.]
I’ve decided I want to stop it if I can. But I have no such power. When going to stop anyone, is it an ego to pray?
[I knew it~]
Loneliness creates bonds. The first to dominate it was the King lonelier than anyone else.
[Let’s Clean]
The school’s cleaning robots are also very active today. Things that should not be here and are unnecessary should be removed.
[If there’s anything you don’t understand, I’ll always be here to hear you out.]
We can’t leave someone who’s in trouble. It’s the same with everyone, right? Even if I do not understand the reason.
[It’s a lunch made with love by a wife today.]
The person who made this yummy lunch doesn’t seem like such a bad person. It’s my dogmatism and prejudice, though.
[You should love it. The rice is important, so chew it well.]
Meals are important. Delicious meal connects and protects life, and it becomes tomorrow’s vitality.
[I wonder if he has friends?]
As my name’s been called by everyone, I laugh high-spiritedly. It’s a synonym for the flattered person’s simple-mindedness. But however, I feel vain for some reason.
[The most beautiful red.]
I’ll be distressed if I don’t see your red. You are the world’s color.
[Black Dog] 
I vowed to my master and I wait. It is my duty to keep the will of the deceased. Call me whatever you want.
[Blue Clan]
Order, balance, impartial, rules. It’s completely perfect.
[Red Clan]
Even though each of us scattered, we are gathered under the same man. There’s no such thing as friend, There’s no such thing as family. What’s there is only firm bonds.
[Fist and cigar]
The red king? There’s no reason to hate him, do we? He’s the symbol of power! He’s the best King! That person is my everything!
[Saber and eyeglasses]
The blue king? There’s nothing to dislike about him however, the glasses are shielding his character, you see.
[Don’t judge a person by their looks, you say?]
People should not be judge by their looks or their inside, but their actions. That gentleman/lady said so. In other words, that is my opinion.
[Daily life is splendid]
I have friends as well as things I should do, there’s not even a day that is the same, right? Because everyday is different, so everyday is enjoyable. Even the sad days will surely turn into splendid days.
[Idle love]
 It does look like no other than that, you two. I think anyone who sees it will say the same thing too, though?
[“I must kill you.”]
 You who had said that one phrase is exasperating.
[They’re just increasing, but there’s not even a wound gone.]
It’s clear at a glance that it’s in a dangerous state to whoever sees it. But still, I keep on fighting. What if, if this fails.
[The tricks do not seem like your style at all.]
He has a slight smile on his lips.
[Will you tell your story?]
In things you’re interested in, sometimes it will produce sad endings. Even if you understand it, you’re still calling out to it again, right?
“What are you doing?”
[Just now, …what was it?]
I feel like I heard something and I was startled. I also feel like I’m being called. I feel like it must also be something very important.
[Idiot Kurosuke!]
Since Neko and Shiro met, we’ll always be together! My Shiro is a good Shiro! Why do you not believe me?!
[Shut up!]
I do not trust this person. I have told you so, didn’t I? If you assist in this person’s evil deed as well, ……be prepared.
[The World of Red Marble]
It’s a shame to say it but, in the end I rely on her. Lie or truth, it’s still a way to move forward from here. I wonder if everything is shouldered to that small body?
[Secret relationship]
The load hasn’t been taken off my shoulders. I do relax a little, though. The conversation of the two, adult talk, I wonder? He knows how she likes her liquor, so it must be a secret relationship.
I had a feeling that it’ll turn out this way with each other.
[That person, he’s not… here…?]
Probably unconsciously, I was looking for a glimpse of that person. Call me a traitor as many times as you want. Even if I say that to that pip-squeak, it’s still none of my business. If he isn’t here… then it’s no fun.
[Wait, youuuuu!!]
I’ve found you at last. You can’t escape anymore. You’ve snatched away our most precious thing. If you run away, I’ll chase you down wherever you go!
[Foolish question, isn’t it?]
Cool beauty. That is the word for her. She said violent things forthrightly, how cruel. Even just a little is okay. Is it selfish of me to think that I want to see her smiling face?
[I, as well.]
Muttered to spit out. That one word isn’t even like you. I, am still-. 
…No, there’s no need for wishful thinking.
[Do you hate that I called you by your first name?]
Huh~, Misaki?
With that alone, i don’t think you’re going to kill.
[Mikoto did what?]
The kids full of spirits are very noisy each day. I think I can’t stand the noises, but those noises are comfortable. Come to think of that, since when did it work?
[Red King]
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