The Anime Network Pulls "To-LOVE-Ru Darkness" Stream

Possible scheduling error causes streaming portal to stream series before Japanese airing, other streaming services affected

Streaming anime portal The Anime Network has removed To-Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness from its site and listings after putting the first episode up for streaming over half a day before Japanese broadcast.


To Love Ru Darkness


The portal had previously announced that the series would be streamed at 9pm EST on October 4th while the first airing in Japan was originally scheduled at 1:00 AM JST on October 5th, which would have made it Noon EST in the US. At issue is the fact that many users commented on The Anime Network's own bulletin board that the announced streaming times would have meant that the TAN stream would have aired the episode half a day before Japan. A representative of the portal made the following statement regarding the issue:

Nah, the hours are right, are you adjusting for Japan Time? 

Our simulcast will go out as planned, as we have had our release dates and hours approved by the licensors. Thanks.


European steaming service Anime On Demand is also reporting via Twitter that they will have to delay their streams as well with no immediate word on when it will resume.


We're going to be delayed on Chuunibyo, To Love-Ru, Hidamari Sketch and Busou Shinki due to issues outside of our hands by looks of it.


With the stream now delayed and possibly affecting the rest of the TBS licensed series for streaming, this incident will serve as another harsh lesson to the industry when it comes to simulcasts and the consequences of making even the most minor mistake, as the rip from the The Anime Network has already proliferated via filesharing services.


Anyone looking forward to the series despite the incident?

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