Retailers List "Gaiking" DVD Release

Compilation movies slated for January

Retailers such as Amazon and DVD Empire have begun listing January 15th Shout! Factory release of classic '70s Toei mecha anime TV series Gaiking, edited into three feature-length films.



A localized version of Gaiking aired regionally in the US as part of the Force Five syndication block, which also included  Dangard Ace, Starvengers (Getter Robo G), Grandizer and Spaceketeers (Starzinger). Gaiking was also licensed for use in Mattel's Shogun Warriors robot toy line, which in turn was licensed for a Marvel Comics series.


The 2005 remake Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-Maryu is streaming on Crunchyroll.



In 2010, a teaser for a prospective CG Gaiking movie was screened at Tokyo International Anime Fair.


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