"Oreimo" Season Two to Premiere in April 2013

A-1 Pictures to animate

The future of the Oreimo anime's second season was decided on stage at Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival 2012 today by Ayana Taketatsu (voice of Kirino), Kana Hanazawa (Kuroneko), creator (author Tsukasa Fushimi), as well as staff from both Aniplex (publisher) and Dengeki Bunko (publisher of the light novels).


The official site's current look


The meeting's agenda kicked off with discussion of when to air season two. October was immediately rejected since the re-edited "True Route" version of the first season just kicked off its run on Friday. Spring was mentioned as an option since both Taketatsu and Hanazawa like that season, but in the end they decided they needed to know more about the production status before deciding an air date. This entailed the revelation that A-1 Pictures (a subsidiary of Aniplex) will be animating season two instead of AIC Build for scheduling reasons. However, it sounds like the original staff members will be gathered together for the project.


Once they got that announcement out of the way, they arrived at the April 2013 premiere of season two, with the note that taking that amount of time will mean the show will look better.


Next everyone spent some time brain storming character tie-ups. You may remember Kirino's Chiba Mazda campaign, and there was also a successful collaboration that resulted (it was announced) in a new record of 8,400 commemorative ticket sales for Chiba Urban Monorail. The idea of "Kiririn P" (P for Produced) projects was introduced. Taketatsu thought a Kirino-produced clothing line would be cool, and Hanazawa added that Kuroneko could do a collaboration with a goth loli fashion magazine. They're also looking for more ways to stay tight with Chiba.


Anyways, spring! Does that do it for you Oreimo fans or are you wondering how you'll make it through the winter?


via Dengeki Online

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