Second "Symphogear" Anime Slated for 2013

New fighting idols planned for returning action anime

Buzz that a follow-up to fighting idol anime Senki Zessho Symphogear was in the works have solidified into solid details. The 2013 project features storyboard artist Katsumi Ono stepping up to direct with Akifumi Kaneko returning on to write the series composition and script. Animator Satoru Fujimoto (Squid Girl 2's opening will be doing character designs.


From contributing artist Thomas Romain:

Ok guys. The big news was that we just started to work on a new season of symphogear that will air next year!


Encourage brought the project along with plots and original designs. Satelight is doing the production. Team work. 


By the way as everything was destroyed at the end of the first season we have to redesign everything. The base, the school etc...


(regarding spoilers) Sorry for that. But between us, everything get destroyed in 90% of the sf anime. At least the projects I worked on so far!


There will be new (singing/ main) character(s) too. They teased the fans during the live with that too. 



via @Thomasintokyo and Moe Ota-News Sokuhō


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